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We would like to share with you all a peppy number for kids.

The first one goes something like this; I have a dream − by Abba. It's a fun number with enough energy to cheer up sagging spirits and brighten your day. Kids respond joyously to its mellifluous rendition with some foot tapping music. It talks about the future and wonder of a fairy tale, believing in angels and taking everything in your stride, the most important thing it talks about is having a dream and working towards realizing it.

The second number makes kids go bonkers and grownups nostalgic about their childhood. It describes how Aladdin takes jasmine on a magic carpet ride. It's indeed a lovely song; you have to listen to it to be able to appreciate the fictional characters, and experience the wonders of the ancient carpet and the beautiful princess.

"I have known Jasleen for the last 4 years and have worked with her on several different projects such as setting up classrooms, common play areas, a daycare and even a store. I have found her work to be excellent. She is very creative and is able to take an idea and give it shape and form. Her products are very creative and unique and the fact that she is a one-stop-shop for many products and services and works with many different materials is really invaluable. She has, in certain situations, delivered under very tight deadlines and has been a very reliable person to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality furniture and room design and room decor services."

Good luck!


Dear Jasleen,
It is truly delightful working with My Kido. Thanks! For converting my son's room into an absolutely magical space with each piece telling a story of its own.

Best wishes.

Sajita Menon

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A Whole New World

I Have A Dream-Abba