A leading creative facility and retailer of kid's furniture and decor accessories.

We have taken the onus of sprucing up any area which touches the lives of kids, be it pre-schools, role-play areas or waiting areas of pediatric clinics and its sterile innards. Kids are perky, imaginative, bundle of energies and it would be gross injustice to limit them to unimaginative and banal environments. In our endeavor to add zing to these areas we have brainstormed and come up with exciting surefire ideas that we have incorporated in our products lines, designs and concepts. Being both ideator and retailer at the same time helps, so does the online presence. Our astounding range of products and services are reason enough for kids to drift off to an imaginary land of their own creation. We also revamp spaces and create a magical aura with our unique approach; where-ever kids happen to be.

In fact institutions play a pivotal role in a child's development in his or her formative years. To enable them to be able to provide a caring, stimulating, inspiring and happy environment is what we aim at, where the child is motivated and encouraged to work to the very best of their ability, of their highest potential which they are capable of reaching. With our positive inputs and interventions we aspire and make available an environment that offers a sense of purpose and challenge, stimulating children to imagine, interact, create and explore. Our efforts have resulted in children undergoing a balanced and broad range of experiences leading to their overall growth and development.

"I have known Jasleen for the last 4 years and have worked with her on several different projects such as setting up classrooms, common play areas, a daycare and even a store. I have found her work to be excellent. She is very creative and is able to take an idea and give it shape and form. Her products are very creative and unique and the fact that she is a one-stop-shop for many products and services and works with many different materials is really invaluable. She has, in certain situations, delivered under very tight deadlines and has been a very reliable person to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality furniture and room design and room decor services."

Good luck!


Dear Jasleen,
It is truly delightful working with My Kido. Thanks! For converting my son's room into an absolutely magical space with each piece telling a story of its own.

Best wishes.

Sajita Menon

Class Room

School Stair Case

Role Play Area