Decor Accessories

We are probably the only place around where furniture is made out of pure love.

We pour our heart and soul into it. Simply said, we are a premier designer & creator, who envisage and give shape and form to all types of kid's furniture and accessories across the spectrum. A small sampling across age groups for infants, grade school & adolescents goes something like this; wall & window decor accessories and solutions, table top accessories, clocks, photo frames, wall art, coasters, display art, table mats and many more.

As a matter of fact playing with the décor in a kid's room is immense fun with some out of the box thinking thrown in for a good measure. The little accessories are much less expensive then rest of the fixtures and go all the way to make your kids room a special place indeed. Kids are very particular about their looks and their wardrobes should match their smattering of gentle pastel designer wear or safari prints to evening wear with explosive bouquet designs. Same goes with rugs and the like and our décor accessories work on accentuating their surroundings, the characters they fancy, the fancy dress costumes they are fond of besides their toys, games and play areas.

"I have known Jasleen for the last 4 years and have worked with her on several different projects such as setting up classrooms, common play areas, a daycare and even a store. I have found her work to be excellent. She is very creative and is able to take an idea and give it shape and form. Her products are very creative and unique and the fact that she is a one-stop-shop for many products and services and works with many different materials is really invaluable. She has, in certain situations, delivered under very tight deadlines and has been a very reliable person to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality furniture and room design and room decor services."

Good luck!


Dear Jasleen,
It is truly delightful working with My Kido. Thanks! For converting my son's room into an absolutely magical space with each piece telling a story of its own.

Best wishes.

Sajita Menon

Football Led Light

Bird Photo Frame

Honey Bee Kids Art